Your VHS or Mini cam video tapes hold great memories of great times, that you’d like to keep forever.


  • They degrade in time, so safe copies are a must
  • They are becoming harder to watch – there aren’t many VHS players around now!
  • It’s easier to watch them on your computer, iPad or DVD

We can quickly convert your VHS, Hi8 or MiniDV tapes to DVD, or convert them to view on your laptop or tablet, and to share with your friends and family! If needed, we can also edit them into a home movie video.

All you need to do is post your videotapes to us and we’ll do the rest. Once your tapes have been copied we’ll return them by recorded post (we know how important they are to you!) with your DVDs and / or your computer file.

If you’re local, we’re even happy to collect them and deliver them for you, at your convenience.

And – unlike many companies – we charge the same amount however long your tape is.

Our costs are extremely reasonable – to copy a tape to DVD we charge just £9.99 (Asda currently charge £27 for the same service).